Waltham Forest Council has announced it is considering proposals for a building of up to six storeys in Chingford’s historical conservation area.

The proposal is made up of a Community Hub and around 40 dwellings, and would replace our current Library and Assembly Halls. It will blight the character & heritage of the area amidst widespread local objection which is largely ignored.

Thousands have signed petitions and completed surveys which show that 91% of local residents care about protecting the conservation area, and 97% are in opposition to a building of over three storeys. You can read our submission to the Council’s Scrutiny Committee here. 

A high rise building in Chingford’s conservation area sets a dangerous precedent for high rise developments across all Waltham Forest conservation areas. 

We are a non-political group of concerned residents who are working to make sure the voice of the community is heard. We are not opposed to sympathetic development or new housing, but we are passionate about protecting our local character, architecture and heritage. 

    We are calling on Waltham Forest Council to: 

    1. Confirm that it will respect the legality of the conservation area and not plan any building higher than three storeys.

    2. Redevelop the existing historic building to be accessible and fit for purpose, rather than rebuild it (as was done with the William Morris Gallery)

    3. Involve the local community in the design and delivery of a sustainable and income generative Community Hub

    4. Confirm that they do not plan to build high rises on any other Waltham Forest conservation areas, including Walthamstow Village and Lloyd Park.

    How you can help #ProtectWFHeritage

    There are lots of ways that as a resident of Waltham Forest, you can get your voice heard. 

    1. You can politely email the Leader of the Council Claire Coghill, and Portfolio Lead Simon Miller, along with your local councillor to let them know how concerned you are about this development. You can check your local councillor here, and get a list of councillor email addresses here. 

    2. You can email your MP and let them know how concerned you are about the threats to your local conservation area. Please ask them to challenge the council on this development. Find their contact details here. 

    3. You can make your voice heard on social media. You can write a Facebook post tagging @walthamforestcouncil or a twitter post tagging @wfcouncil. Please include the hashtag #ProtectWFHeritage

    4. You can volunteer to distribute leaflets around Chingford, Walthamstow, Leyton, Woodford Green, Highams Park and across Waltham Forest. Sign up here. 

    5. You can ask your friends that live across Waltham Forest to get in touch with their councillors and post on social media, letting people know that they are concerned about the threat to their conservation areas.

    6. You can contact the media – contact the Waltham Forest Echo, the East London and West Essex Guardian Series and the Evening Standard to let them know the strength of local feeling. 

    7. You can fill in our survey on the future of the community hub and sign the petition against a high rise. 

    8. You can put us in touch with community groups that you have links with across the borough, particularly historical and conservation groups. 

    **Coming soon** 

    • We are developing postcards for offline residents and children to use to contact local councillors
    • We are developing posters for shops and houses to display in their front windows 

    We need your ideas and energy!

    Contact us on Chingfordcommunityhub@gmail.com with your ideas for how we can build this movement. 

    Follow us on Facebook here.