Love North Chingford

Where the City meets Forest

Welcome to North Chingford…

We love it here for many reasons- that’s not to say it can’t be made better – that is the aim of Love North Chingford.
Our geography is due to royalty, trees and trains – from Henry the VIII when the vast Essex Forest was a favoured deer hunt – the coming of the Chingford Line from Liverpool Street and then Queen Victoria’s presentation of the Forest to the ‘poor people of East London’ in 1882- followed by tens ofthousands of day trippers headed for Chingford for fresh air on high days and holidays to enjoy what was our first real national park.

Today it’s a warm-hearted community retaining an original village feel, especially around The Green Conservation Area, as well as a home to commuters – under than 30 minutes to central London.
Walk out of our unique Overground station – to the left you are in town and to the right, Epping Forest. It’s a safe place to shop,work, eat and bring up families, and an ideal centre for exploring the Forest.
Browse our website, join our mailing list, help us fund improvement projects, join our Facebook group, find out more about North Chingford, and add to our businesses and events list to make this site as lively as possible..

Love North Chingford...

Love North Chingford is a Community Interest Company formed in 2018 – a not for profit community organisation, dedicated to improving the area’s environment, culture and business, working with those sharing our aims.


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